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1000whp 2JZ RX7 in this months Super Street Magazine

Last year I was introduced to Matt at the Georgia Half Mile and got some information on his insane FD RX7, instantly I knew it deserved a proper print feature, it was just one of those builds that blows your mind. I won’t spoil the details for you but a Mazda making 1000whp with a Toyota engine, Nissan transmission, Ford rear-end and GM brakes is something you want to read about, trust me. Go grab this months issue of Super Street Magazine to see more photos and read the full story on this monster street car that Matt has built.

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Aventador full tilt from the sky

A few days after moving to my place here in Atlantic Station I was standing on my balcony and watching cars pass underneath the walkway to the pool and drive into the parking deck and it gave an idea for a car photo. Then I spent 3 months thinking about it pretty much everyday. When I shot that 2016 Aventador I figured now was the time to try and make it happen but it was something totally different than what I have done in the past. After working on this on and off for the past few weeks, trying some new things and learning a lot I guess I’m ready to post it. Hope you guys dig it!

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