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CHADBEE PHOTOGRAPHY: Daniel & Julia’s Engagement

My friend Daniel and his beautiful girlfriend, Julia recently got engaged. Naturally, they requested me to be the official photographer for their special day. Part of the process of photographing their wedding is the traditional engagement photo session. We chose Stone Mountain Park as the location for their photographs, as this place is very special to them. This is where they went on their first date and have spent many wonderful days there since.

Congratulations Daniel and Julia, I hope you enjoy the photos!

Here is a small sample of some of the images from their engagement session.










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I love my car

I have been buying and modifying cars for 15 years….but I have always been that guy that bought a car, did mods, drove it for a 6-12 months and sold it. It was never a big deal to me, it is just a car. I even went this route with my 2004 track edition 350Z back in 2006.

About 8 months ago I bought another Z. A mint condition, one owner, low mileage 2004 Silverstone Touring. I bought it because I wanted to get involved with HPDE Events. I replaced all the fluids with Motul goodness and slapped on some NAPA blanks and Carbotech XP10 and XP8 pads in my single piston calipers. I did 9 HPDE events last summer like this, on all season tires and was faster than the majority of street car Porsches.

Today it was just PERFECT weather here in Atlanta and while the rest of my friends had to work or were just lame I was not going to let it go to waste. I Spent the day with my Z in the North Georgia mountains. It was a beautiful day in the high 60’s and sunny. We cruised, we drove hard, took pictures, and left a S2000 CR edition in our dust. Tires squalled, Carbotech brake pads left the rotors pouring smoke and went through an entire tank of gas. The Z also hit 40k miles on the way home. It was a very memorable experience with a car that I just absolutely adore…the 350Z is a truly amazing sports car when driven hard the way it was meant to be.

For the first time in my life, I feel a real true emotional attachment to a car. I love my Z.

Iphone pics from today, it looks stock, but that doesn’t bother me.





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CHADBEE PHOTOGRAPHY: Countersteer Motoring 240sx Steering Knuckle Video

I recently had a local up and coming performance automotive shop known as Countersteer Motoring book me to do a feature video of the production of their steering knuckle for the S Chassis drift cars that allows more angle mid-slide. The result is a very interesting concoction of grinding, sparks, welding. Check it out and share with friends!

Countersteer Motoring 240sx Steering Knuckle from Chad Burdette on Vimeo.

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CHADBEE PHOTOGRAPHY: Porsche GT3RS4.0 Wallpapers!

Yesterday I left my house to go for a short drive in my 350Z and somehow ended up at my favorite place: Atlanta Motorsports Park. Upon arrival I instantly spotted what is in my opinion the best car in production, currently, and possibly ever. It is clear I have a major crush on Porsche’s GT3RS4.0. It is without a doubt the textbook example of the perfect drivers car and I was very pleased to see it being put to use the way the manufacture intended instead of sitting in somebodies garage being a showpiece.

I decided to make a desktop wallpaper for myself and others but I couldn’t decide on which image so this is what I ended up with:





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