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My 350Z…..Round Two!

Most of you know I purchased a 2004 Track Edition 350Z back in 2007. I owned this car for a little over a year and added some small modifications here and there to enhance the appearance and give it a little more power. After switching wheels a few times, a mild drop with some springs and full bolt-on’s I just became tired of the car. It was painfully slow in a straight line compared to my previous car(410whp SRT4 Neon) and I just could not afford forced induction for the Z at that time. I ended up selling the car to another enthusiast that lived on the westside of Atlanta. As the years passed I went through a few more cars but I always missed my Z…..

A few weeks ago I attended ZdayZ at The Tail of the Dragon. I was there in the Forged Performance Nissan 370Z and driving that car on that road really brought my love for the Z cars back in full force. Within a few days of being back in Atlanta I was on the search for another Z of my own. This became something that was not going to be easy….I am very picky when it comes to my cars. I wanted a 350Z that came with a factory limited slip, so no base models. I wanted a 6 speed car that had never been modified or been in any accidents. I wanted a car under 50K miles in white, silver or red. I’m not easy to please. After searching for a few weeks and looking at two different local cars that matched my requirements but just weren’t as clean as I wanted I widened my search.

Last week I found a 2004 Silverstone Touring Edition with only 32k miles that looked to be in immaculate condition. The car was a one owner vehicle that had every oil change done at the dealership according the Car Fox report and was traded in for a new Challenger about a month ago. After talking to the dealership and working out a deal I made the three hour drive to south Georgia to purchase the car. Besides on very minor ding on the fender and the the holes in the front bumper from the stupid front plate holder the car was perfect. I was more than happy to take this baby back home with me!

Plans are simple but very effective: high end motorsports grade coilovers, big brake kits, light wheels/sticky tires, full bolt-on’s, two very nice race seats, harnesses and drive the hell out of it. I’m really looking forward to participating in many more mountain cruises and HPDE track events in the future. Mod’s will start coming quickly so please keep your eyes open for updates here.

Quick, easy shots with no strobes just to show the car in its current condition….I didn’t even wash it! I will do a real shoot once I get some mods:

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