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NISMO 370Z, Done Right.

After taking a four month break from doing anything related to I started to feel the need to try and capture some photos that would really push myself further as a photographer. This past weekend I gave into the craving and grabbed the key to the Forged Performance 370Z NISMO and headed out to scout for a location. By 7pm I made my way up interstate 575 and out of the Atlanta suburbs, after a 30 minute drive I picked a totally random exit and started my search for a spot. Within a few minutes I drove past this closed down factory that was very rustic and industrial. It was the perfect backdrop to accent this clean modern Z equipped with Hyper Bronze Volk RE30’s, StopTech big brake kits and JRZ Coilover System. I carefully maneuvered the car into position and went to work, this is the result:

Enjoy and please let me know what you think!

Below are desktop wallpapers of the last image in the set, if you need a size that is not listed please email me at




Here is an additional image showing the difference from the original photo straight out of camera vs once I am done with the post processing in Photoshop. The majority of people find these pretty interesting and enjoy seeing the differences. While this photo doesn’t have too much crazy editing but I did remove the door of the storage unit, put a different sky in and changed a lot of the tone, colors and contrast.