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Forged Performance GT-R Desktop Wallpapers

As most of you know my full time Monday through Friday gig is the inhouse media specialist for an import shop here in Marietta, Ga. called Forged Performance. The majority of our customers drive Evo’s, STI’s, VQ35 based cars like the Z and G and of course Nissan’s flagship supercar: The GT-R. Our shop racecar is a fully race prepared R35 GT-R that was built for the purposes of competing in Time Attack Series and proved itself time and time again across the US putting down insanely fast lap times. It now produces more than 650awhp, is fully stripped with two Racetech Seats, FP Spec Race Cage with NASCAR Door Bars, 18″ HRE’s, Hoosier Slicks, brake upgrades, JRZ external reservoir coilovers and more. I have taken MANY photos of it in 2011 but I wanted to start 2012 off by posting some desktop wallpapers of this beast right here on my own personal blog for everyone. I took this shot with a rental Nikon 16mm f2.8 Fisheye, in a pitch black warehouse and lit the car using a LED flashlight doing multiple exposures. To be honest it was just me playing around to see what would happen but I think the end result came out pretty nice! Enjoy and make sure to check out the FORGED PERFORMANCE BLOG and the FORGED PERFORMANCE FACEBOOK PAGE.





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Honda Tuning Feature: NSX Farrington

This past summer I contacted Alex, a NSX owner who had been around the Atlanta car scene for many years and inquired why his turbocharged show winning NSX had never seen print. After speaking with him for a few minutes I knew a feature was a goal he wanted to achieve for many years. Knowing the history this NSX and how it has been used over the past years I was certain the car and its story was more than worthy of a feature. This mint condition supercar has seen countless airport strip events where it has gone to battle with the likes of Z06’s, GT-R’s, Vipers and Supra’s. Alex also participates in many cross country road rally events where the car is driven extremely hard for many days at a time. This is NOT your average show car queen, Sunday afternoon cruise, babied and hardly every driven NSX….this is a highly modified monster that is driven like it was stolen. I love it.

Hit up your local bookstore and pick up a copy of the February/March 2012 issue of Honda Tuning to read more about the history and experiences surrounding Alex’s NSX….and of course to see my photos in print!





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