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GSX-R 600 Photoshoot

Last weekend I met up with Damian to complete a Christmas Gift Photoshoot of his blacked out GSX-R 600 street bike. We met in downtown Atlanta to scout for a location that would work for this GSX-R, after checking out a few spots and riding around for about 30 minutes I decided that a local parking garage would be our best bet. Here we were safe from the harsh afternoon sunlight and I got to work setting up my flashes and camera equipment. This week I have edited a couple photos a night and am very happy with the end result. The photos came out really clean and classy, which was exactly what I was going for with this beautiful machine.








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5.0 Mustangs and Super Fords Feature

Almost a year ago I met Bobby, who owns a mint condition Mustang GT that has only seen a tad over 8,000 miles in the 12 years since it rolled off the showroom floor and into Bobby’s garage. Even though this GT looks mild by most people standards it is far from it. This car is the textbook example of a sleeper. On the exterior the car remains mostly stock with its perfect OEM paint and body panels. The only visible modification is the ultra rare, no longer available, BBS RK wheels. The interior matches the exteriors theme and keeps it low key, except for that little knob on the center console which controls how much PSI is force feed into the engine via a Turbonetics T67. On 93 octane pump gas this “everyday looking” Mustang GT puts 674whp and 659wtq to the ground. I am very proud to have had the opportunity to shoot this beautiful New Edge Mustang for 5.0 Mustangs and Super Fords. Please stop by your local store and pick up the February 2012 issue to read the entire story of Bobby’s Mustang and see more of my photos.