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Black and Beautiful Evolution: With Image Build

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Jim, the owner of a heavily modified Evo to inform me that he wanted to have some high quality photos done of his car. I was able to fit him and his car into my extremely busy schedule this past Sunday and we worked together to produce what is in my opinion some amazing shots.

Shooting a black car creates so many more challenging situations than any other color. Black cars are nothing but a large reflective wall that terrifies most automotive photographers. I am far from mastered the techniques to be extremely successful shooting black cars but I have made progress over the years and they scare me a little less these days. What I have found to work the best is to shoot on a tripod and take many different exposures twisting the circular polarizer that you better have on the front of your camera lens. For lighting I just grab a speed light, defuse it and power it up to 1/4-ish. This is purely for fill light and to bring out details in the wheels, brakes, grill and/or intercooler of the car. Hopefully this image build explains what my fingers and keyboard can not.

Click the image to see the higher resolution version.