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IMPORT ALLIANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMPORT ALLIANCE: To be honest, we all know not much needs to be said at this point. If you are reading this you already know what the deal is. This is the biggest meet Atlanta experiences on a yearly basis, but this year things changed. It got bigger….by much more than anybody expected. Even months before the event was scheduled pre-meets and get togethers started being planned and the anticipation was a lot stronger than previous years. By the time IA was only a few weeks away, I had gotten word of SIX pre-meet events on Saturday.

It seemed like the largest one was the SOUTHRNFRESH.COM pre-meet/cook-out/dyno day being hosted by MAINSTREAMPERFORMANCE.COM. Of course I wasn’t going to pass up free food so I packed up the camera gear and rode out. There ended up being a great turn out with lots of cool people and a great mix of sick cars to point my camera at…..





After being there for a few hours I rode back to the house for a quick power nap.

After getting some rest, I headed out to the Barrett Parkway Starbucks where the official late night pre-meet was held. I took this time to hang out with friends and have fun without worrying about getting any photos… so if you weren’t there, you’re out of luck. Maybe next time you won’t be so lame and show up.

Three hours of sleep and my alarm was going off at 6:30am Sunday morning. It was time for Import Alliance! I was tired, but ready for this. Stopped by the gas station to grab a few Monsters and rode out with all the people from the Eastside of ATL. We got there about 8:15am, AKA right in time, because by 9am the parking deck of the World Congress Center was filling up fast. Last year there were 1800 cars at this event, and I was shocked to hear that by 11am they had shut the parking garage down and were making people park outside because there were ZERO spots left! Last I heard, there were 2900+ cars this year and that is not counting the people that had to go to the parking lots surrounding the garage. I walked around for over six hours, camera in hand, and the quantity of quality cars was just mind blowing…..








I tried to get as many photos as I could, but it was not the easiest thing because of all the people and me wanting to be social and talk with my friends. Over all I think I got a good amount of solid photos, met a lot of really cool people and got to spend time with so many people I am honored to call my friends. Absolutely great weekend here in Atlanta for anybody that has a passion for cars and the scene that surrounds them. With that, there is only one way to wrap this up…..see you in Nashville!

Make sure to check out the local ATL car forums or CANIBEAT.COM for A LOT more of my photos from this weekend!




Honestly if I were to buy a Challenger, this would be THE one. It has the best color available and the rare “Speed Factory” options package which includes a few factory aftermarket mods and special badges telling you this isnt your everyday run of the mill SRT-8. In the end you are here to see the pictures so I am going to shut up now :)