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As most of you already know a few months ago I accepted a position at, which is a high end photography print lab in Atlanta. My daily commute is now 1-2 hours round trip….of course depending on Atlanta traffic hahhaa. The only thing that bothered me about this was the horrible gas mileage of my V8 Silverado so I decided it was time for a new vehicle. Picking out a “new to me” car became something that was far from easy. I have requirements that were hard to meet, this is what I needed out of my next vehicle….

-30+ MPG
-VERY reliable
-Something “peppy” to be able to GTFO out of the way of idiots on 285 lol
-Enough room to do an amazing audio system(something Ive been wanting to do) and still fit all my camera gear
-Under $7000
-Nothing that made me look like a punk ricer kid
-The color red, white, silver or pretty much anything not ugly or dark colored.

Yes I know Im picky LOL After asking friends, making threads looking for suggestions and doing a bunch of research I started looking at Mazda Protege5 wagons. I liked the styling a lot but I found some issues like the rear seats not folding completely flat and it was lacking a little in the HP department(130HP). After looking around more I started looking into the Toyota Matrix and the XRS model they offer with the VVTL-i 180HP/130TQ motor and 6 speed transmission borrowed from the Celica GTS…..I was impressed. The factory 110 volt plug in on the dash(to power strobes or charge my camera battery) plus the fold 100% flat rear and passenger seats sold me. I also found out that Pontiac collaborated with Toyota to make their own version, which was all Toyota except for the exterior styling and called the Vibe GT. So I decided….thats what I needed, so the search started. I found out quickly this was not going to be easy, the Vibe GT and Matrix XRS are cars that are not that easy to find, the base models with the 130HP motors where every where but thats not what I wanted! I ended up finding a white 2003 Vibe GT with 102K miles at a dealership in Hilton Head SC and they were asking $6900 for it. I wanted it. After talking to the dealer for a few days getting all the details on the car and getting the price down to where I wanted it I was ready to make something happen! I put a deposit down the hold the car and made the 8 hour round trip this weekend to get it. Along the way home I took some pictures when I stopped to stretch my legs/smoke/piss/eat/whatever lol so here she is, my 2003 Frosty White Pontiac Vibe GT….AKA “The Viberator” hehehheeee ;)








Plans for this car isnt much to be honest. Im going to do a crazy audio build in it with all T3 Audio equipment, a nice alarm, tint the front windows a little darker, coilovers and deal with the minor issues it has like needing a GOOD detail on the paint and getting that ugly discolored clear protectant replaced in front of the rear wheels. This is what the exterior should look like by the start of next year….


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