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Jess and Heath sitting in a tree har har har

I know Im retarded, dont make fun of me its not nice. While I may be an idiot I still managed to make my way up to Chattanooga TN to get with Jess and Heath to do their engagement photos this past weekend. Right before I left town I treated my Nikon D700 to a new toy, the Nikon SB-900 speedflash. Bang for the buck I am a firm believer that lighting is one of the best things you can upgrade in this VERY expensive world of photography. The SB-900 really helped me get more fill where I needed it and I am pretty happy with the images from the shoot. Here are some of my personal favorites from this portrait session….







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Selling my Truck….

Im putting my truck up for sale to pick up something with a tad better gas mileage since I now have a 3 hour round trip to work daily with my new job. I do NOT want to sell this truck because of how amazing it has treated me over these past 6 months but I know its what is best.

1999 Chevrolet 1500 LS

2WD, short bed, regular cab, equipped with the 5.3L V8 and automatic transmission.

188,640 miles as of right now, this will go up as this is what I drive every day

The paint is not in the best condition, it is faded and is even flaking off in spots. The driver side mirror is cracked. the tailgate handle is broke but the tailgate does still open. Once every couple weeks the drivers side window wants to act funny and go up really slow or not at all for a few minutes. The interior over head lights do not work.

What its lacks in prettiness it more than makes up for in being one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. Let me tell you how reliable this truck is, since I have owned it I have changed the oil and put gas it….thats it, and I have drove it….

Conyers to Alto and back twice
Conyers to Macon and back twice
Conyers to Alpharetta and back three times
Conyers to Statesboro and back(hauling a trailer moving my brother back to school)
Conyers to Peachtree City and back atleast 20 times
Conyers to Atlanta and back atleast 35 times
Conyers to Chattanooga and back

All that was on the interstate at 80MPH with AC full blast.

If your looking for a vehicle to “tinker” with, this is not the truck for you. If you want a vehicle to put gas in and just drive it and not have to worry about anything then this is perfect.

The interior of the truck is VERY clean. I personally spent over 6 hours detailing the interior. It was stripped bare on the inside and detailed properly.

The tires are basically brand new, the brakes are perfect, the transmission shifts exactly like it should, the motor runs strong, all blinkers and exterior lights work, AC blows ICE COLD, the heat works and it rides very nice…it may not be the prettiest truck but it sure is a dang good one.

PRICE: $4500






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