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Put your flamesuit on!

Ive been wanting to try this for awhile but I needed the appropriate vehicle for it. Here is where the 911 comes in, this beautiful car is equipped with Porsche’s Aero Kit and spittin flames at ya! The before and after on this image is pretty crazy, I have about 2.5 hours wrapped up in the post processing on this shot but I think it was worth it. Its by far not a boring rig shot :)


A quick run down of what I did….

-Removed the rig from the image.
-Desaturated the car/wheels then brought the color back in the taillights and center caps.
-Got rid of reflections in the paint.
-Adjusted the levels on the wheels and tires to bring out more detail.
-Adjusted the exposure of wheels, taillight and exhaust tips.
-Added a better sky and getting rid of the trees above the car.
-Adjusted the exposure and color of the trees infront of the car.
-FLAMES!!!! Yeah i know they are corny. whatever, I like them =P hahhaa.

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Put my rig to work!

I was headed down to the southside of ATL for a meet last night and knew David was going to be out in his well done Rio Yellow AP2 S2000 with very legit parts. We got together right before the meet to set up for a single rig shot. I couldnt sleep last night so I decided to do an image build and some desktop wallpapers. Hope you enjoy!


Davids S is lightly mod’d but done right with very nice parts. The mod list consists of….
J’s Racing 70rr exhaust
J’s Racing Tsuchinoko Intake
J’s Racing ETD and STB
J’s Racing Cooling Plate
APR GT3 Mirrors
Spoon Monoblock Calipers
Stop Tech rotors
Advan Racing RZ’s
Kics Project R40 lugs
Function and Form Type 2 coilovers.

This is how I went about the post production of this rig shot…click for the full size….


Here are some desktop wallpapers for the S2K fans out there……





Calling ALL Mitsubishi Evolution owners in ATL!

The Official EvoATL Photoshoot was planned to take place a few weeks back but it was canceled in fear of bad weather. So here we go with round two! Most people know I put A LOT of work into my photography which generally makes for great results but it also makes for photoshoots that arent whats considered cheap(atleast not in the Atlanta area). After talking to many of my friends on we decided to put a great package deal together as long as I got 10 cars willing to do the shoot. For Evo owners this is a chance for me to shoot your car at a HUUUUUUGE discount over what I normally charge for a full shoot. If you cant make it, I understand…just get with me when your ready for a full shoot at full price hahhhahaaa!

Check out all the details and Atlanta’s own local forum dedicated to the Mitsubishi Evolution right here….


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I broke down and made a Facebook Fan Page

I said I wasnt going to do it, I said I didnt need something else to mess with while Im on the internet lol business has been slow lately though and I just spent A LOT of money on nice camera gear a few months back. Money is tight and the last thing I want to do is have to sell one of my nice lens to take care of bills….thats a horrible thing to think about! So PLEASE do me a favor, become a fan of my photography of facebook and suggest my page to your friends and lets see if I can get some work going again!



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