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Formula Drift is coooomiiing!!!!!!!! OH EM GEE!!!!!!

Im hyped up. Formula Drift is without a doubt my favorite car event of the season here in Atlanta. Its just so much awesome-ness that a single person cant really take it all in. Its an over whelming experience to say the least. If you have never been I highly suggest you make it out to Road Atlanta on May 7th and 8th. I will be out there shooting again this year and im very much looking forward to providing some sick shots to all my friends. Since last year I have upgraded from a Nikon D90 to a full frame Nikon D700 and from a Sigma 70-200 f2.8 lens to a Nikon 80-200 f2.8 AF-S lens so I have the proper camera gear without a doubt for this years event. I think me as a photographer has also made some good progression in both my shooting and post processing so needless to say Im ready to see what kind of event coverage I produce this year.

Here is a video from last years event from one of my favorite videographers Will Roegge

Formula D Atlanta 2009 from Will Roegge on Vimeo.

Im so freaking ready for it!!!!!! Are you? ;)

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Rally red TE’s on rally red IX….

My homie MikeP picked up a set of TE37’s a few days ago and decided to do something pretty crazy with them. Rally red Volk TE37’s in 18×9.5, an offset of +22 and 255/35/18’s. Here is some wallpaper desktop images of it….





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I was bored and in need of a laugh.

While wondering around the world wide web a few weeks ago I came across this Youtube prank video I thought was pretty funny. You can skip the “oh man thats older than the internet” comments cause I dont care =)

A few days later I had some time where my mind started drifting and I LOL’d at the thought of this video. Then I thought to myself you gotta be pretty brave to do this to a woman knowing she will be holding a broom stick after the bowl of water comes to crashing down onto her head. Just to have alittle fun I posted up on my home forum offering a free rig shot to the 1st person that did this to their girlfriend/wife and got it on video. I didnt think anybody was going to go through with it. One of our local guys that drives a murdered out Maxima DID go through with it and posted the video in my thread. I laughed, and laughed and laughed……..and laughed. It was great. I am a man of my word so I told him to come’on out to my side of town and lets slap the rig on the Maxima and get it done! Hopefully the shot was worth it to him….it was definitely worth it to me LOL



Top 10 reason’s I <3 Import Alliance ATL spring meet

This past weekend was the 2nd time Atlanta hosted the spring Import Alliance meet at the World Congress Center parking deck. This takes place in the HEART of downtown but the entire weekend is filled with good people and good times. We try our best to show our guests a good time. Pre-meet activities that I heard about and/or took part of were everything from MANY MANY car meets lasting to the early morning hours, huge house parties, visits to Atlanta’s finest gentlemen clubs, a drift event in downtown this year and cook-outs. We allow no bitch-ass-ness the weekend of IA here in Atlanta. In honor of this epic(i hate that word but nothing describes it better) weekend we just had Im going to count down my personal top 10 reason this WHOLE weekend was just AMAZING. In no particular order…

1. Bewbies
2. VTEC sauce
4. “Chadbee!!!! What up homie!!! You want a beer?!??”
5. Sooooo many well done, clean cars with the right parts.
6. Can after can of Monster’s
7. GREAT people
8. The sound of BOV’s firing off every few minutes
9. Keg stand at a car meet? Really? Hell yes!
10. Knowing that even though your only on a few hours of sleep getting out of bed will be soooo worth it.

Basically this can be wrapped up only one way….

Fila ft LiL Scrappy – foreva i love atlanta – MyVideo


Even though I didnt take as many photos as I expected to because of just being caught up in the activities you can see a decent set right here….. Canibeat


Im one sick and twisted person!




It may strike people are weird but I keep a pen and piece of scrap paper on my nightstand by my bed. When Im falling asleep, just waking up or on the way back from taking a piss at 4am I think of some really off the wall stuff. I get these weird ideas about alot of things in life. Most of the time though its about themes for photoshoots or just an idea for a single shot. When this happens I scribble it down so by the time I wake up and come back to reality the idea isnt lost in my brain. One day after I ate dinner I was looking through the official see through hood shot thread on Nikoncafe and telling the n0obc@k3s that doing this technique doesnt MAKE a photo. You just cant take a shot of a car in the middle of a crowded parking lot in the middle of the day with harsh daylight sun beating down on it and people walking around in the background but do the see through hood technique and it make the photo “epic”. It can ADD to a photo but it will not MAKE the photo. Im sure this had something to do with this disturbing yet so funny idea that pop’d into my head as I was just almost off to sleep that same night. When I woke up the next morning I had an idea of what I was thinking about before I fell asleep but I checked my scrap paper and it said “see through trunk rig shot with dead hookers in there”. 99% of the people I have talked to about this shot understood what I was talking about but for those that havent heard this expression let me explain. Its a common expression to describe the size of a persons trunk LOL like “oh man you could fit 4 dead hookers in the back of that impala”. So Im thinking oh my gawd….a see through trunk rig shot that looks like the car is riding off into the sunset with a few dead hookers in the trunk? I smiled and thought to myself about how amazing this was gonna be. Now i just had to get a car that was worthy and a couple hookers to kill. I had been planning on shooting my buddy Cliff’s G35 sedan for awhile for Canibeat Blog and decided his G would work perfect. Instead of hiring some real hookers and having to kill them, risking jail time and the AIDS I got intouch with two of my friends named Kari and Rachel and convinced them that they needed to dress up like hookers and let me put them in the trunk of a car and play dead. Interesting conversation for sure LOL after promising to not shut the trunk lid and drive off with them for real they agreed to do it cause they are awesome. So I got everybody on the same page as far as a date, time and place and got ready to do work. Kari and Rachel got their hooker-ish outfits together, Cliff got the car cleaned up and I made sure I had a fully charged battery and clean lens. This past saturday we met up ready to handle business. The hookers in the trunk was the main goal for this shoot but I wanted a couple more shots for Canibeat as well. Im giving you a lil something for each of the 3 photos from this shoot….

The 1st shot the something extra you get is a lil drool on your chin…

The 2nd shot you get some desktop wallpaper images…




For the 3rd shot you get a SICK before VS after edit….Im pretty happy with the outcome of this never been done, sick and twisted but so funny rig shot. This is how us ATL boys do it, we ride out with a couple dead hookers in the trunk. Get like us.




I also want everybody to give a warm welcome to Canibeats newest exclusive photographer……that would be…..ME!!!!!!!!!!! GIGGITY GIGGITY GOO!!!!

Make sure to check out Canibeat for the full feature on the car and these images in a little larger resolution!!!!!