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My X cherry was pop’d this weekend!

This past weekend I headed down to middle Ga to shoot Ben’s beautiful Evo X…Ive shot many Evo’s in my few years as a photographer because well….Im an Evo fan, what can I say! This Evo was my first X shoot though. What a way to pop my X cherry lol these cars are pretty sick off the show room floor but Ben has taken this thing to a whole new level. The color combination, the stance and the fitment of the wheels makes so sexy. Add in the fact that it has full bolt-ons and a tune and it just gets better. From what I hear future plans include replacing the stock turbo with something that will make more power but as of this moment here is the current mod list….

AMS Intake, exhaust
Ultimate Racing Downpipe with o2 housing, Testpipe, Upper and lower Intercooler piping
Buschur racing Intercooler
CBRD Waste Gate Actuator
AEM Truboost electronic boost controller
Turbosmart Blow-off valve
KSport coilovers
AME Tracer TM02 18×10.5 +22
Yokohama S Drives 275/35/18
Cobb Access Port
Tuned by Forged Performance making 323whp on a Dyno Dynamics

Here is my favorite photo from the shoot….


here are a few desktop wallpaper versions of that shot…





How can you NOT love a Vette?

The C5Z06 is just one of those cars with great lines, amazing power from the factory and the ability to handle twisty roads with ease. Its an all around package, and thats in stock form. Once you get into doing aftermarket modifications to these cars they become a real monster. Josh’s 2003 Millennium Yellow C5Z06 is far from stock form though, the loopy exhaust note exiting from the rear of the car told me that. Your ears have not been blessed with that so I will just have to inform you on whats going on with this Vette. Quick break down of Josh’s C5Z06….

-Total Engine Airflow CNC Ported Heads
-Comp camshaft 228/230 .590 .590 Lift 112 LSA
-Kooks 1 3/4″ Longtube Headers with Xpipe (no cats)
-AFe Cold Air Intake system
-B&B Bullet Catback Exhaust
-LS7 clutch
-Hurst Short Shifter
-Hardened pushrods
-NGK TR-55 Plugs
-IForged Aero wheels 18×9.5F 18×11R
-Hotchkis sway bars
-305/35/18 Nitto 555R Drag Radials in the Rear
-265/35/18 Nitto 555 Extreme in the front.
-6k H.I.D. Headlights
-Tinted tails
-Black corvette lettering and black & yellow custom 50th Anniv. Corvette badges
-Tuned by HunterSS

A few shots of the 440RWHP monster….





D700 High ISO test time!

Shooting that 510 and South East Drag Day this past weekend made me really fall in love with my D700. Sunday night I cuddled with it before I went to sleep hahhaaa….for real I freakin LOVE this camera. Its everything I have been told it was and more….now I understand why more than one of my Canon photographer friends have came to the darkside for the D700. Its a freakin beast. With some good glass strapped the front magic can and will happen. One thing the D700 has been praised for is its high ISO capabilities. Before tonight I havent taken it over ISO 1600 so I wanted to see if the hype was true. I grabbed one of my Avengers to do some high ISO test shots just to see what was up. All shots were done in aperture priority at F/10 with a Nikon 50mm F/1.8 lens and focus point was on the “RE-PUMP IF RED LINE APPEARS” text.

Needless to say Im VERY VERY impressed, this is going to come in handy at Formula Drift this year when it gets dark and you gotta crank the ISO up.

If you click the image you will see it in 800×532….Im not posting up high resolution shots because I think its silly…I dont ever post 654768687687×3543567527 sized images so what it looks like in that size really doesnt effect me too much. If you personally care what they look like in high res then shoot me an email and Ill send them to you for the low low price of…..(Dr Evil voice)One… Hundred… BILLION DOLLARS! Muhaaahahaaaaheeheehawhahhaaaaaa!

: )

ISO 1000


ISO 1600


ISO 2500


ISO 3200


ISO 4000


ISO 5000


ISO 6400


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Chadbee Photography V2.0

Over the past few months I have became very frustrated with my photography. I have progressed so fast over the last year or so and I felt like I had hit a brick wall….Im not sure if this is even a real term but it was like I had “photographers block”. I didnt feel creative and I had no desire to even shoot. I spoke with some local photographers and even made a thread about what I was going through on and everybody told me the same thing. They said to just chill out, dont accept any shoots, paid or not, and let the camera gear sit for a few weeks then go out and shoot something different than static automotive shots. They said I needed a break and then I needed to do something different. It made sense, I did need a break…I was VERY VERY frustrated. One thing about me is I over do everything lol if you see or hear of me doing something you can believe Im doing it full speed and all out. To me, in my head the best way for me to “take a break from photography” was to sell all my gear and use the money to help me get back into a “fast” car by the summer, I havent owned a 12 second car for waaaaaay to long. In my head I said that I would buy more camera gear in a few months and start shooting again. So, I updated my facebook status that I was selling my gear and made for sale threads on local forums. Within 2 days everything was gone except for my tripod/ballhead and bag. I never listed my strobes, they are 1980’s Novatron strobes that my grandfather used so they have sentimental value. Everything else was gone though. So I sat here, with no camera, no lens, no rig, thinking….was this a good decision? I had mixed feelings on the situation. I looked at a few cars online, talked to the owners and realized I just wasnt going to be able to get what I wanted with the money I had. I was a few grand short. Not good at all. At this point I started to really regret selling my camera gear. No matter how frustrated I have got I still love photography so much, Im addicted to it. These past couple weeks I just keep seeing cool spots for car shoots and seeing things that made me go “that would be a cool shot”. After thinking it over a few days I decided that I should get a camera and a lens or two. This is where my habit of over doing things come in, instead of buying another D90 and a couple cheap lens then saving the rest of my money to help go toward a nice car I decided to say F it and get the photography gear that I want not worry about a car. I knew I couldnt NOT have camera gear… just wasnt going to work lol I never thought I would have gear like this…and Im very happy about it. I feel refreshed and defiantly have that strong urge to shoot again!!! I feel like Im taking on another version of my photography, Im changing things up and stepping things up so look out for big things this summer!!!!!

Here is a basic run down of what I have been using compared to what I just got.

-Nikon D90
-Nikon 18-55(kit lens from my old D50)
-Nikon 50mm f1.8
-Nikon 35mm f1.8
-Sigma 10-20mm
-Rig…12 ft mild steel emt pole(one piece), Avenger cups and Manfrotto super clamps

-Nikon D700
-Nikon 18-35mm f3.5-4.5(full frame ultra wide angle)
-Nikon 50mm f1.8
-Nikon 80-200 f2.8 AF-S
-Rig…14 ft aluminum pole(threaded to break down into three 4.5ft pieces), Avenger cups and Manfrotto super clamps
-Got my 3rd strobe fixed(has been broke for over a year do’h)
-New watermark too(lol)

In the next few days I will make another post with some high ISO tests of this beast known as the D700 and my over all opinion of the camera and if its worth its price tag or not….so make sure to check back for that!


More product photography hiting the streets

Awhile back I did a product job for a company that manufacturers some very tough floor mats for trucks and Jeeps called Rugged Ridge. We also shot some photos of their Jeep Wrangler show vehicle outside the warehouse and one of them ended up being used for the cover of their catalog. I think the shot came out great was glad to hear that picked that one for the cover, it was my personal favorite. All post processing and graphic design is the masterpiece of


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