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Building an image with multiple exposures

There are alot of people out there that just cant wrap their minds around the fact that many photographers use multiple photos to create a single photo. Most of the time it just cant be done with one shot, atleast not by me lol. I have gotten into a good habit of doing many different exposures with different lighting set-ups for one image. This helps me cause I dont have enough strobes to light the body of the car, the wheels and front grill. I make do with what I have! This is also helps you avoid blown out skies. In this blog post I will show you the five images I used to build my final product and tell you what parts of each image I used. Just a little sneak peak at what I go though after the shoot.

This exposure I stopped down and used no strobes. I did this to get a decent sky and background….which I used in the final image

For this one I strobed the side of the car…which I used in the final image…

Here I strobed the wheels…which I used in the final image…

With this exposure I strobed the front grill…which I used in the final image along with the side windows because they have less reflections…

I used this photo cause the windshield looked better…

After “piecing together” these 5 shots I went about my editing process as I normally do adjusting contrast, saturation, burning and dodging and playing with the levels and curves. I also cropped and rotated the image and this is what I ended up with…

If you go back looking at the five images I used to build this one you can clearly see the parts of each photo that i pulled to make the finished product. Hopefully this post enlightened some people on how much work it takes to get a decent photograph and inspired other photographers to stop being lazy and do what it takes to step their work up a little. Multiple exposures….alot of work and time consuming but the end result is very much worth it!

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Ask and you shall receive

On a few different forums I was asked for desktop wallpaper images of Ryan’s Graphite Grey Evo MR. So here ya go guys! If you need a different size shoot me a PM or email at






Nikon Girl Music Video…..EPIC!

VERY funny video, maybe not safe for work because of some curse words and sexyness LOL I watched it like 5 times, thought it was hilarious!


Run for your life!!!!!

When I first laid eyes on Roberts R35 GTR it was just how it rolled off the dealership floor. We got together did a little shoot, I was still very much a noob to photography at the time. Even though im still on noob status I have progressed over the past year and a half…..and so has Roberts GTR. This car scares me. It looks so freaking evil that when I glance at it I just want to run for my life lol because it has the attitude that its going to murder me, maybe Im being a tad dramatic but Im sure you see it as well. Here is a desktop wallpaper sized image of the evil looking GTR. If you need a different size shoot me an email at





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Trying to save a P.O.S.

I had the pleasure of shooting an extremely sexy C6 Corvette on 20″ I-Forged wheels today. This change of time really messed me up, I forgot how fast it gets dark now. Instead of having 30-45 minutes of that “perfect rig shot lighting” right before sunset I now have 10 minutes LOL. I was able to get one rig shot before dark and when I got it in photoshop I was not a very happy photographer. I worked with what I had and I am pretty sure the car owner will still be happy with it even if I am not…..


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Here fishy fishy fishy…..

I got a Sigma 8mm fisheye for a few days, I was doing a photography job which included a panorama and everybody knows a fisheye is the best option you have when doing something like that. I just had to play with it a little more than i was supposed too though lol I was short on time so I used my blazer and didnt strobe it, I know….I suck.




The lens is neat, its different, and it gets old fast. I mean if I had a D3 and every big baller lens I ever wanted then yeah Im sure I would buy a fisheye. The thing is, while its a cool little lens, the effect and the distortion got old to me quickly. With a price tag of around $850 I could thing of alot of gear I would much rather have. Thats my personal opinion though, if you do alot of pano’s, landscape or real estate photography then you gotta have a fisheye. In the end, while its not something I would buy for my camera bag, it was fun playing with it for a couple days.

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