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Check me out in this months “Long Shots”

Next time your out buying milk and bread make sure to stop by the magazine section of your local grocery store and pick up the October issue of Import Tuner. Flip to the “Long Shots” automotive photography contest and check out who won shot of the month! If your a tad slow and havent figured it out…that would be me!!!! Im pretty stoked to say the least, its always good to know others like what you do…just part of human nature.

The shot that was picked was from Formula Drift at Road Atlanta. I was hanging out up top missing some runs but checking out what went on before the cars blasted down the hill to smoke out turns 10A and 10B.  I jammed my Sigma 10-20 ultra wide angle lens on and was getting some shots as the cars were lining up. After a few shots I sat down for a break. Minutes later the super sexy Garage Boso S15 Silva started a little burnout only a feet from me! I had my camera ready just in time as Ross Petty roasted the tires right past me in his red, gold and green S15. I had my camera set on rapid fire and pretty much just laid into it while following the smoke show. I had atleast 15 shots of that burnout LOL in the end this one was, in my opinion the best and Im glad to hear the guys at Import Tuner liked it as well.

October issue of Import Tuner…


Here is the original image…



Before and after rig shot of my Blazer!

After getting all my suspension done for a 4 inch drop up front, a 4.75 inch drop out back and my 20×8.5 Boss 338 wheels on I had to go shoot my own vehicle…its been awhile since I have done that LOL. Anyways, I just wanted to post this before and after image because it was such a drastic change and the shot came out pretty well, atleast for my work.

Let me know whatcha think!