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“How to Digitally Photograph Cars”

My awesome friend Melissa bought this book for me a few weeks ago….


It is written by Jason Siu and Josh Mackey. Both are great automotive photographers with many features published. Do a quick google search on these guys and you will understand why they are more than equipped to write a book like this.

How to Digitally Photograph Cars has 5 main chapters broke up into sub chapters….

1. Choosing Your Equipment
2. Static Photography
3. Action Photography
4. Insider Tips & Tricks
5. Post Processing

Each person that reads this book will get something good out of it. The book starts off with basic information that everybody should know and it seamed like it was geared toward photographers that just started off but as I get deeper into the book more I personally started enjoying it. After the basic information is covered it starts getting into the more technical parts of automotive photography with details on rig shots and the extensive editing it takes to produce a quality photo of a car. One thing that I LOVED about this book is the many examples of Jason and Josh’s work with the EXIF data!!! This way you can look at some of the best automotive work out there and see what camera body/lens was used and the exact settings for each shot. This is a huge deal, I have learned so much but looking at EXIF data on photos when I first started this hobby. It cant teach you to have that artistic “eye” for photography but it will help you learn how to set your gear up to get that great photo you have been lusting after.

In the end I honestly believe this book with worth the little $25 its costs. You can spend all the money in the world on camera gear but if you dont how to use it and the tricks that are talked about in this book then all that camera gear is just a waste. I have learned a lot when it comes to photography because when I first got my camera I read book after book on the subject. I honestly think that is the only reason I have progressed as fast as I have in this hobby. My personal opinion is that “How to Digitally Photograph Cars” should definitely be added to that list of must have books for the beginner and amateur automotive photographer.

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350Z Desktop Wallpaper Photos

I had the pleasure of shooting this beautiful Pikes Peak White Pearl 2007 Nissan 350Z this past weekend. It really made me miss my old Redline Track Edition 350Z =(

This Z car was sitting on an amazing set of gold/polished lip Volk LE37’s that just really made the car POP out at you and it made shooting this car so easy. I liked this car so much I decided to make some desktop wallpaper images just incase others out there love it as much as I do, The wheel shot is on my desktop as I write this!

Enjoy and make sure to leave me some love if you like the photos!









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Happy to shoot again!

The past couple weeks I have been having issues getting my lighting right. It has had me frustrated to say the least. I was able to get out this past weekend and shoot a very clean Civic Si sitting on my all time favorite set of wheels…CCW Classics….you just cant go wrong with these sexy wheels.  I’m happy to say that things went smooth and the shots came out pretty well, here is one shot but make sure to check out the automotive section on my main page for a few more.