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I always look forward to this…..

Once a year Mcnair Fair comes to my home town. As a kid I used to have a blast eating cotton candy and putting myself on the verge of puking LOL these days I still enjoy going but now I am carrying my camera and tripod instead of a stick of sugary fluff. These colorful long exposure shots are always just so much fun to me. I really enjoyed going out and capturing the beautiful lights asĀ  streaks of color and I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Sigma 10-20mm ultra wide angle lens

No filters

3-5 second exposure depending on the shot




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Some before and after images….

I met up with a friend yesterday to “snap” a few pictures of his bagged S10 as a trade for some suspension parts for my blazer. The shoot went pretty smooth and I was pretty happy with the outcome of the shots. I know people always like to see what my photos look like before I start the post process on them so here is 2 before and after shots. Dont be shy….please let me know what you think…good or bad!