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Dont be cheap or you WILL pay for it

There is such a thing as a poor photographer, I know cause Im one of them. When i decided to make my homemade automotive rig I went out and bought some cheap suction cups like these…


They have done the job for a few months and I havent had any issues, until tonight. I was out shooting a friends mustang and we decided to do a couple rig shots. When I mounted the rig to the car I made sure that all four cups where sealed onto his back window glass then attached my camera. While i was making adjustments to my camera the suction cups let go. Lucky I was right there and was able to grab my camera. It still hit the ground and left a scar but my camera and lens were not demolished and the mustang was not damaged. I got lucky this time.  If you decide to build a rig please learn from this situation and dont cheap out. I almost lost my camera and wide angle lens because i wanted to be cheap and use crappy suction cups instead of doing it right. Tonight I am ordering some avenger pump suction cups so hopefully this will not happen again.


You asked for it…

A lot of people were asking for some hi-res wallpaper size images from the shoot of my friends turbo Integra GSR. I really wasnt happy with the other photos from this shoot so I decided to make the wallpaper image the back rolling shot that I was semi-ok with.  For those that missed it here is the photo…..


I made a few wallpaper sized images…




If you need another resolution then shoot me an email at

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Why am I doing this?

For my very first blog entry I want to explain the purpose of me having this section on my website. My blog will be a way for my to share with others my experiences in and around my photography work. You can expect blog posts from me about my latest shoot, explanations on the post process I do to my images with before and after shots as well as reviews of photography gear as i get it. I will do my best to keep things interesting and post as much as I can.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. Please make sure to come back for some real blogs posts coming soon!